Monday, January 27, 2014
The capability refers to a military unit's ability to destroy enemy armor units in the battlefield. The Anti-armor is provided by the 90mm and 57mm recoilless rifles, of which there are sufficient numbers in the armory. The weapons are being operated by elite infantry and special operations units.

The Philippine Army  also operates 76mm and 25mm anti-tank guns which are mounted on its Scorpion CVRTs (combat vehicles reconnaissance tracks). These vehicles are organized into mechanized infantry units of 14 CVRTs or armored fighting vehicles (AFVs).



The Philippine Army is known to operate 65 units of the Scorpion CVRT.



The Philippine Army has also 343 AFVs and  150 of them are the United Kingdom built GKN "Simba."

The remaining AFVs consist of United States-designed V-150 and V-200 APCs


M113 Bradley Armored Personnel Carrier

and Turkish-made ACV-300s and British Scorpion CVRTs. 



  1. To the Editor,

    I just kindly would like to correct two things on the above mentioned issue. First, the 3rd image from the top is a Giat Industries / Renault VBCI armored infantry fighting vehicle which the Armed Forces of the Philippines does not have. Second, the 4th image shows a M113 Gavin Armored Personnel Carrier not a Bradley Fighting Vehicle.