Tuesday, February 11, 2014
The Philippines is Adding two (2) United States Coast Guard guard Cutter to Philippine Navy. It will also two brand new frigates with sophisticated weapons  included. The Bidding of two brand new frigates is currently in second phase.

The BRP Ramon Alcaraz of Philippine Navy

Watch The Video Of Future Philippine Navy Gunboats


  1. It is good to hear the Phil. Navy reevaluated their decision to acquire more Hamilton Class Cutters. At present with our meager defense budget this is the only way we could acquire high-endurance and ocean going vessels. Many will say that the Hamilton Class is not worth it because of age and lacking the defensive & offensive punch, but I disagree because of the following points; yes it may be old but not as old as what we have. the vessel may be 45 yrs old but it was well maintained by the USCG and the Hamilton Class where one of the best designed ships ever produced. It may be deficient in its weaponry, but since it is a sturdy and well balanced vessel and we acquired it at a bargain price we could incrementally upgrade its weapon systems avoiding demolishing our defense budget. I fervently believe that these vessels still has a lot of life in them and it will assist us to become a world class navy!...Never again we will be harassed and intimidated by other countries.