Sunday, September 14, 2014
Year 2014 is a challenging year of Philippines air security where a tension is high but Philippine air force unable to  do its fullest role because of equipment scarcity. With this updated list of Philippine Air Force modernization project and some of it are waiting to be delivered; it  will change that status of Philippine air firepower.

10:  Light Lift Aircraft

Country: Indonesia
Company: PT Dirgantara
Aircraft Name:CN 212i
Aircraft Role: Light Transport Aircraft
Number of units to acquire: 2
CN212 Light Lift aircraft

Acquisition cost: Php 814 million

9. Close Air Support

Aircraft Name: Super Tucano (need confirmation)
Aircraft Role: Close Air Support
Status: In Process


8.  Refurbished UH-1 Huey

Country: US and Canada
Company: Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and Canadian company Eagle Copters Ltd.
Aircraft Name: Refurbished UH-1 Huey
Aircraft Role: Combat Utility Helicopter
Number of units to acquire: 21

Huey Helicopter

Acquisition cost: Php 1.26 billion


7.Bell 412 Helicopter 

Country: Canada
Company: Canadian Commercial Corporation
Aircraft Name: Bell 412 Helicopter
Aircraft Role: Combat utility helicopter  and VIP transport
Number of units to acquire: 8
Acquisition cost: US$105-million


6. C295 Tactical transport

Country: Spain
Company: Airbus Military
Aircraft Name: EADS CASA C-295
Aircraft Role:  Medium Transport Aircraft
Number of units to acquire: 3
Airbus Medium Transport Aircraft

Acquisition cost: Php 5.29 billion


5. Refurbished C-130 Hercules and Logistics

Country: United States of America
Company: Lockheed Martin
Aircraft Name: Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Aircraft Role: Military Heavy Transport Aircraft
Number of units to acquire: 2

Heavy Transport Aircraft

Acquisition cost: 2.67 billion

4. Attack Aircraft

Country: Italy
Company: AgustaWestland
Aircraft Name: AW109 Power Helicopter
Aircraft Role: Combat Helicopter
Number of units to acquire: 8

AgustaWestland Helicopter

Acquisition cost:  Php 3.4 billion


3. Full Motion Aircraft Simulator – Ongoing

Number of units to acquire: 3
Status: In Process
Full Motion KAI Fa-50

Acquisition cost: 246 Million


2. Light Multirol Combat Aircraft

Country: South Korea
Company:  Korean Aerospace Industry (KAI)
Aircraft Name: KAI FA-50
Aircraft Role: Light Multirole Combat Aicraft
Number of units to acquire: 12
Acquisition cost: Php 18.9 billion


1. Long Range Patrol Aircraft


Aircraft Name:In process of selection
Aircraft Role: Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Status: In Process
Number of units to acquire: 2

Acquisition cost: Php 5.9 billion

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