Monday, September 14, 2015
2012 - Philippines VS China Scarborough Shoal Standoff. Unfortunately The Philippines loose the Shoal without any single bullet fired
2012 -  Japan offer an assistance to boost the Philippines maritime capability
2012  -  Philippines is planning to acquire 10 Coast Guard Ships From Japan
2012 - Japan try to transfer its retired 2 Patrol Large Vessel
2013- Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe confirmed the 10 Coast Guard Ship vessel
2015 -  with a 7.37  Billion Pesos provided by Japan and  1.43 Billion by the Philippines. DOTC awarded the contract to JAPAN Marine United Corp. (JMU).

As of May 2015, the Philippine Coast Guard is planning to upgrade the two  40 meters multi-role response vessel to 80 meters


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