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These are the list of  the World’s Top ten deadliest and dangerous snakes that already claim enormous  lives. The snakes use their deadly venom to hunt for food and to defend their lives against any threats including humans.   


The World  Second Venomous  Snake: BLACK MAMBA

2 Second Venomous Snake

It is the longest species of venomous snake in Africa and the second-longest venomous snake in the world. Average Length of 7.2 to 8.9 ft  and can grow up to lengths of 13 ft.

Number 10 in the List: EASTERN BROWN

Eastern Brown Venom Snake

A medium sized snake, with a slender to moderate build and a smallish head barely distinct from the neck. This snakes has an average length of 3.6 ft to 5.9 ft.



Number 9: Desert Horned Viper

Desert Saharan Viper

Cerastes cerastes is a venomous viper species native to the deserts of Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. This snake hides under the sand to prey on lizards, small mammals and birds.  The average length is 0.98 to 2.0 ft, with a maximum of up to 33 inch.


Venom - Australia Tiger Snake

Tiger snakes are a type of venomous snake found in southern regions of Australia and coastal islands and Tasmania.  The average total length for mainland tiger snakes is around 1.2 metres and they may reach up to 2.1 metres.



Venomous Eastern Coral Snake

Coral snakes have powerful neurotoxic venom, nevertheless they rarely bite unless provoked. The eastern coral snake is   usually 60-75 cm long, and is adapted to a variety of habitats such as dry or humid regions with sandy soil, pinewood and hardwood forests.

Number 6:  KRAIT Snake

India  Big Four Snake Common Krait

The Krait Snake is a member of the "big four",  species inflicting the most snakebites in India. The average length is 3.0 ft, but they can grow up to 5 ft 9 inch.Males are longer, with proportionately longer tails.

Top 5 Most Venomous: DEATH ADDER

Top 5 Most Venom deadly Snake

Acanthophis commonly called “death adders” snake, they are native to Australia and New Guinea and are among the most venomous snakes in the world.  DEATH ADDER can reach the  length up to  3.2 feet.



Number 4: Echis

Saw Scaled Viper

Echis is a genus of venomous vipers found in the dry regions of Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. Their common name is "saw-scaled vipers" and they include some of the species responsible for causing the most snakebite cases and deaths in the world.

Top 3: The  Philippine Cobra

Most Venomous Cobra

Philippine Cobra "Naja philippinensis" is a very toxic snake native to the Philippines. They are found on the Luzon, Mindoro, Catanduanes and Masbate islands. Its average length is 1,70 m. Populations from Mindoro Island are known to be up to 2 Meter in length.Its color is light to medium brown while the young cobra's color is a darker brown. 

The Most Venom Deadly Snakes: TAIPAN Snake

The Most Dangerous Snake

The three known species are: the coastal taipan, the inland taipan and a recently discovered third species, the Central Ranges taipan. The taipans are considered some of the most deadly known snakes. The fierce snake or Inland Taipan can reach a total length of 2.5 metres,  Central Ranges Taipan Snake up to 40 inch and Coastal Taipan snake 6.6 feet.


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